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Nora is a strong young lady. She loves to eat food. She’s such a fan girl. Friendship is one of the most important things for her even if something is wrong with her best friends she is always there or is worried.Nora’s parents can be very strict and expect a lot from her.Nora is has one thing that makes herself different from everyone else but she doesn’t like people to point it out.When she loves something like a friend or even a Bracelet it’s hard for her to let go but with just talking it out she will get over it and then always be ready to hear her friends problems not matter what they are even if it’s the most stupidest thing she will listen and give u her opinion and try to give you the right choice to make. But she doesn’t just help you before she says anything she pictures herself in your place and how your feeling and what she would do.she is also very strong and not just in her muscles but her emotions you would be surprised how much is in there locked up a ways and she’s been through a lot but she keep herself together and worry’s about everyone else and try’s to never cry because she knows if she does she will break and feel like she is letting everyone down.Nora is one of a kind person and is that one person that you want in your life and if your having a bad day she will do something stupid just to cheer you up or talk about her fan girl stuff, she’s that one person that brings you joy into your life.
Nora is my one friend I can’t live without no matter what happens I always want her into my life .
by RRRRRNNNNN5 November 21, 2017
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Nora, from Eleanor, meaning light, is exactly what Nora is. She shines a light on every person she knows. She weighs very little but can win a fight with her massive amounts of Kung fu skills. Nora is a little shy, but the people who know her love her. She is beautiful inside and out. Nora is always there for you and is very patient and understanding. She doesn't give herself enough credit for how amazing of a person she is. Nora is almost a dream girl. She understands what it means to be a true friend. Nora's family is one that has helped make her who she is. Her mother and father may seem strict, but it's only because they love her. Her siblings are exactly like she is. Nora is very athletic and seems to always be in tip top physical shape. She is smart, beautiful, has a great sense of humor, she is religious, a little crazy, unpredictable, and daring. She knows what rules to follow and what rules to break. Nora is exactly what a boy looks for if he wants a reliable, loving, friendly, smart, beautiful, daring, fun, exciting girlfriend. Nora is a music genius. She has a massive effect on people's lives even if she doesn't realize it. She is always the first to forgive. Nora makes everyone happy. Nora is happiness.
This Nora seems like a dream.
by Birdluvr123 October 25, 2013
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Nora is a name, a name for a beautiful girl, both inside and out.

Never underestimate her capability in school, in sports, and in life. Nora is a very down to earth person, and appreciates nature, and all it has to offer. She doesn't discriminate and accepts everyone from all walks of life. Nora might not know what crowd she fits in with yet, because she is still finding herself, but has an idea of who she wants to be and spend her time with.

She is talented, supportive, and empathetic. Nora is always there for you when you need to vent, you need comfort, or just someone to be with you.

She not only has a beautiful personality, but she is a gorgeous person on the outside. Nora is hot and sexy, but doesn't present herself as a stripper. No matter what she is wearing she can look flawless in it. She knows how to rock a runway and pose for a camera.

And most of all, Nora is a friend. Never pass up a chance to become friends with a Nora.
Luke: "who's that girl over there? She's hot."
Ryan: "I don't know. But I saw her at the homeless shelter last weekend volunteering."
Luke: "She's such a Nora"
by sailor1117 July 01, 2017
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Nora is very funny, helping,loving,truthful friend.She will make everyone happy.Giving back or giving someone something is what she loves doing.She never forgets a friendship or her memories with them.She is a sexy kisser and loves dating.She will shine the light and make you bright. :)
Nora is so kind af I don't know what to do without her she means everything to me.
by lovers9876 December 25, 2017
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The exact Origins of this name is unclear, some say its a derivative of the word honor, or Honora. But the popular beleif is that it comes from the Hebraic/Arabic word Noour or "Light", correctly tranlated in means Bright Light.
Also used to describe women of great Beauty, beautiful babies are often named nora as they beleived that the name would give the baby good luck.
Some Scholars say that Nora also means "the enlightned one", "the Beautiful one" and also "the wise one".
in high society most women are named Nora, because the name entitles Nobility, Beauty, Light, Grace and Wit.
What a gift it is to be named under such a glorious name.
David : "Never have i seen beauty such as Nora's"
by Chambunga August 15, 2007
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Means "Light" or "Honor" in pretty much every language. Girls named Nora are fucking amazing. They're graceful and flirtatious, if you meet a Nora, you won't forget about her until the day you die.
I met this girl named Nora tonight. She offered me a hit from her bong and when she smiled at me I was thinking of how to ask her to marry me.
by alazakam September 25, 2011
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A Nora is usually not very open. On the outside she looks fine but on the inside she is suffering. She is unable to let anybody know this, though, because she doesn’t want to let anybody down.
Is Nora okay?
probably not but she’s bangin!
by iamtheoneandonlylol January 22, 2019
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