Frederic Chopin, composer and performer of Romantic music (though he refused to be affiliated with the Romantic period), born 1810, died 1849. Composed exclusively for the piano, with a few pieces that had other instruments as accompaniment, or songs with piano accompaniment. His works are regarded by many as the epitome of Romantic piano compositions.
That Chopin Prelude was so beautiful that I bawled like a baby.
by BLARG man March 3, 2005
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A Polish vodka made from potatoes instead of grain. It is expensive as hell but well worth trying if you have the scratch. Chopin is named after Polish composer Frederic Chopin.
Mary was upset with Johnny because he drank over half her bottle of Chopin and threw it up on her Persian rug.
by greatboozeup January 28, 2009
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Anything and everything, Chopin can be used as a verb, noun, adjective, adnoun, etc. JFC (Johnny Frederick Chopin AKA Johnny Fuckin Chops) is Poland's favorite son.
by Johnny Fuckin Chops March 9, 2011
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He’s is a radical middle class boy in the 9th grade at the moment pulls mad hoes and gets terrible grades and quit football cause he’s trash but he’s totally tubular in every way he may be called chopkins, cHOEpin,Dr. C the love expert, or chopster the lobster maybe even chopstix but be sure to know he’s that rarest asian you’ll find ever and be sure to know he’s totally tubulishis the end
Dood you’ve dated like 100 girls yeah i know he’s such a chopin :)
by Miranda Lasso October 21, 2018
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A day in which one compensates for the mundane air of a rainy day by blasting Chopin's Nocturnes, all whilst thou gracefully writes letters with a fountain pen- with strokes as wistful as Chopin's docile fingers dancing from key to key to produce a sound so novel as to seem to share a common origin of the precipitating rain itself.
Friend rings you to ask:" Yo homes what are you doing this rainy day?"

Answer: Trick question!

It's Chopin Day so you never answered the phone because your phone ring was drowned out by the siege of Chopin's evanescent crescendos blasting from the loudest speakers you own.
by Nocturneepicness April 13, 2011
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A dude who wrote poems with the piano
Frederic Chopin has a deep soul to wirte the way he did.
by Froggysense February 27, 2013
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some gay as hell composer but somehow nobody believes he is gay despite him calling another man darling multiple times
“You like classical music?”
“Yeah I love Fryderyk Chopin”
“oh ffs you twat of course it's that gay guy”
by Lafayette kin January 9, 2023
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