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A boy/man who you can easily trust and get along with. He puts his family and friends before him and he knows how to have a good time. His grin is very wide and when he laughs he Can't help himself from sniggering. His eyes are mind blowing and you're lucky if you have an Adil as a boyfriend. The one he loves he will love for a long time.
Girl1:dam he is so sexy what's he called
Girl2: Adil , but bitch back off he's mine
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1. Slight sins or offenses
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Peccadilloes shows rule.
by James Messina August 11, 2006
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A man of his word, a unique person, teh biggest don in his kind and the baddest man alive
by Adil January 20, 2005
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He is someone who gets attached easily to people. And when ever he loves someone they always leave him. He loves going out with his friends and loves his family more then anything. He gets heart broken easily but it’s easy for him to move on. He is someone who will always be there beside you no matter what and will always love you till the end. And he always loves to help other. But if you are in wrong terms with him then no matter what you do he will hate you.
Sara: yo he is so nice

Ayat:ofcource he is just being ADIL
by Rslwa June 03, 2019
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A man who is somewhat short and smart that gets laid often and is a stud. When a person has such suave techniques to pick up chicks and be a master at whatever he may be doing such as picking up chicks, hunting or fishing.
Girl: Damn! Who is that good looking man?

Guy: Bitch, thats Adil, you should go give him head!
by Nozair April 10, 2008
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Lord. He’s humble and the main plug. He’s young but he’s learning from the best. He got some tings in barking and might link them at 7 am. He’s connected to god but connceted to the endz.
Only some are worthy of the name. He is the founder of 419 and pablo escabars mentor.
Adil is here.
He is the main plug .
by Huayra, pagani December 12, 2017
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