One of the most interesting people you will ever meet. Mostly attractive and an introvert. Always has a unique physical trait that qualifies him (ie: fluffy hair, light-colored eyes...)
His music taste is so exquisite, he really cares about the people he loves and always puts them first over everything.He is also mostly calm.
So much kindness oozes out of his soul. If you ever get to meet one, you're absolutely in luck. DON'T LET HIM GO.
anyone: I know he is so pog and chill .
by thiswascringy September 12, 2021
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He is someone who gets attached easily to people. And when ever he loves someone they always leave him. He loves going out with his friends and loves his family more then anything. He gets heart broken easily but it’s easy for him to move on. He is someone who will always be there beside you no matter what and will always love you till the end. And he always loves to help other. But if you are in wrong terms with him then no matter what you do he will hate you.
Sara: yo he is so nice

Ayat:ofcource he is just being ADIL
by Rslwa June 4, 2019
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He is the most amazing man I have ever met. He is God fearing. Strong. Purposed in Spirit. Attractive eyes! Ladies that smile! A best friend and a partner. A gift from above. Seriously, every woman needs an Adil in there life
by Oahkd April 19, 2020
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hey the adil is here!!! hahahaha
by baaaaaaaa November 15, 2003
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A man who is always smiling and can’t help it. An amazing gamer and full of fun.People would be lucky to be friends with a Adil. Also he is funny and can be very persuading. Adil can take rude humour easily.
Me:Hey Adil,What’s up?
Adil:The sky
by The real Gamgster February 10, 2019
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When you want to make a half-court shot in basketball but it seems to impossible just scream, "Adil", and you will make past the odds. No matter what you shall get that basket.
This shot seems impossible, imma scream Adil for good luck.
by Bignibbasleptwithyodawg October 15, 2019
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He is a super hot nerd and knows how to solve a Rubik's cube. He likes to have fun and is very attractive. Adil is very friendly and currently has broken his arm👨 🎓
Adil: Hi mate!
Mate: Hi Adil, how's life for the hottie
by Mr Ov3rKill July 23, 2018
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