1. n.: are the footprints of meanderthal in its tourist acception, mainly. Which are most of times by pairs, unless some disabled Homo deserves the qualification

2. v.: to meander specially if in a meanderthal way.

3. n. the group of websites, specially blogs, we use to visit or end navigating without any definite purpose
Those are meanders by authentical meanderthal

The one that meanders up these valleys of green & grey

I was stuck in a bunch of meanders blogs while googling
by meanders2001 September 09, 2011
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It can be like a river with a bend. IT is also a great way to dissmiss random shit said by retards. Also can be formed into an oxbow lake.
Retard "what the time?"
Guy "its meander, you fucking retard"

John "meander"
Guy "oxbow lake"
John and Guy "ahhhahahh"
by Captain Meander August 15, 2008
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A word re-invented by Seรกn Maher XD meaning to walk around the place i.e. to float through the crowd, like walking but involves more... meandering.
The Fox meandered through the crowd in her BRIGHT RED & PURPLE clothes.
by OoohMystical May 05, 2009
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V.Hanging out on a rock wall midway through a rappel. Usually with some ice tea and a bag of chips.
Parker and Daniel try their best to meander once a year.
by Oliver Quidgeums November 27, 2005
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