21 definitions by Oliver Quidgeums

A danish cow that doubles as a cellular tower.
The only reason I get any reception here is because of the Leemuua nextdoor.
by Oliver Quidgeums May 10, 2006
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A necessary tool of life. Often used durnig raves, dance parties and such.
I've stocked up on enough glowsticks for an international rave!
by Oliver Quidgeums December 3, 2005
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V.Hanging out on a rock wall midway through a rappel. Usually with some ice tea and a bag of chips.
Parker and Daniel try their best to meander once a year.
by Oliver Quidgeums November 28, 2005
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A mispronounciation of "Ghillie Suit" which is a suit usually made from OD netting and burlap strips of woodland colors attached to the netting that is meant to resemble leaves, bushes and such. It is usually worn by snipers.
Kyle: I think I'm gonna get a gyle suit.
Parker: You mean a ghillie siut?
Bryon: HAHAHAHAHA! Think man. G-h-i-l-l-i-e. Ghillie suit. HAHAHA!
by Oliver Quidgeums July 28, 2006
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an attachment for an ipod that functions as a vibrator.
I told her to stop using her cracked muuneea because she might get shocked.
by Oliver Quidgeums May 10, 2006
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to take a drag.
If you are kwanking something, you are inhaling the smoke of a smoking device or other smoking parephanelia.
Bline up the damn splinky, kwank that shit and pass it ova hea.
by Oliver Quidgeums October 14, 2005
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a harry asshole that can be braided easily
Tom's flet was reamed after quidge
by Oliver Quidgeums August 7, 2005
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