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A drink which consists of brewed tea served over ice in tall glass. Sugar or lemon is often added to enhance flavor. Sometimes called "iced tea".
After Bob was through working in the hot sun, he poured himself a big glass of refreshing ice tea.
by Super Gerbil August 01, 2004
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1.The most essential nutrient in a Techies diet.
2.The joy of life in fluid form.
3.The liquid that empowers brain and body of hardcore insomniacs (after Coffee, Red Bull & Etc.).
1. "Hey Kev, we're out of Ice Tea for tonights show"
2. "Me has Ice Tea, Wheeeee" *runs around in circles like a little child*
3. "Damn loading time. Need Ice Tea"
by AnnoyingBugger24 April 10, 2007
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A more modern term for pot used among people who do not like referencing themselves as a smoker
I can not wait until i get my lips on that ice tea
by Nikoso August 10, 2006
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When your lover, or one night fling puts ice cubes in her mouth and blows on your balls.
My balls sure were blue after that Ice Tea.
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When you are about to ejaculatate you fully submerge your ball sack into ice cold water.
I tried tea bagging last night," you should try ice tea, it's the same but with cold water when you are about to cum"
by Anthole June 30, 2016
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When you go to get a drink and chug a whole glass of ice tea. But then your dad comes home and you realize it was vodka and you are crunk.
Lana I can't believe u drank a whole glass of ice tea!
by HEYNATALIE April 21, 2017
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