a blue robot created by the scientist known as Dr. Light. Mega Man fights the evil robot masters sent by Dr. Wily. With each robot master defeated, Mega Man gains a new weapon. Each boss has a weakness towards a certain weapon. There are usually 8 robot masters per game (except MM1, where there was 6).

Mega Man has two siblings. Protoman, his darker sibling, is lonely, and mysterious, and sometimes is framed by Wily as an evil robot. His other sibling is Roll, but for some odd reason, the creators of Capcom decided to make Roll as Mega Man's love interest which is really disturbing since they are siblings...but who cares, robots can do anything.

Mega Man has 8 games in the original series, MM1-6 on the NES, MM7 on the SNES, and MM8 on the PS1. Recently, all 8 games plus 2 Mega Man arcade games were released in the Mega Man Anniversary Collection.

Mega Man also has an anime that aired long time ago.
Fight Mega Man, for everlasting peace.
by Mega Man December 9, 2004
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Person 1: Yo that new Lupe CD is strait mega man yo.
Person 2: Yuzzur
by Diabolic4l November 7, 2006
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Mascot of Capcom along with Ryu from Street Fighter. You play as a 10 year old programmed robot who must murder 8 (6 in the first game) robots who have been turned evil by a Doppelganger of Albert Einstein named Dr Wily. After both murdering and stealing their abilities, you go to Wily's castle and attempt to stop Wily for Peace, except he nearly escapes in all the games.
Mega Man is Badass
by PrersomnGtuy346789 December 8, 2021
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A blue robot who was created by a doctor of science named Dr. Light. He was orginally not bulit for combat, instead he was created to be a house robot, sort of like Roll. His designs for the armor came from Blues' (Proto Man). Has a transforming dog called rush, a cat that name escapes me, and is one of the coolest robots around.

He has had 8 games (on NES, SNES, Saturn, Playstation, and then there was the 5 on Gameboy and Meagman and Bass on Gameboy Advance
Is Mega Man that stupid or is it just me?
by Zach the Feind Ninja January 4, 2006
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You put your whole fist inside a Womens anus

While fist is inserted you hum the Dr Willy stage theme from Mega Man 1
Bro. This girl wanted “The mega man” from me on our first date. That hoe is for the streets
by Mr Knight July 8, 2022
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When one proceeds to tape beers around his arm as to make a mega man blaster (not to be confused with Edward Forty Hands)
Dude 1: Yo, did you see that bro last night with those beers around his arms?? WTF is that shit?!

Dude 2: Dumbass, he was Mega Manning that shit...
by Tha Dicky P November 17, 2012
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Mega man X Rocks but when is Sigma gonna die?!
by ZeroX January 31, 2004
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