Not really in a relationship but sort of. A synonym for fuck-buddies.
Is that your boyfriend?

No, we're just in a funk.
by matthew412 March 10, 2012
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A very shy, smart, intelligent and goal-getter boss lady. She is very strong willed and would do anything to achieve her dreams. She is a deep lover who is also afraid to show it. She is one friend you can depend on. She is an introvert but once she feels comfortable with you, trust her to be the silliest, craziest , fun loving girl...she has a very small circle of friends and will do everything to protect her circle. Do not break her trust else you will spend a lifetime to regain her trust. Always the happy-go-lucky girl, but deep down, she’s confused and wish someone would truly understand her unspoken inner fears...A lover of sex but would only have sex with the person she truly loves....She is one who loves to deal with her issues quietly and silently, which is not too good for her.

Get you a girl like Funke, you would be glad to have her in your life.
Boy: I met the perfect girl ever....
Friend: Please tell me she’s a Funke
by Phunke February 1, 2020
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Temporary sadness. Feeling sad and down and not knowing why. No motivation to do anything and always tired. Almost like you're missing something but not know what it is. Like a small phase of depression that only lasts a couple days or weeks.
Megan really seems to be in a funk. She said she's really sad but doesn't know why. Hopefully she'll get out of her funk
by Idkfmllolloll March 14, 2017
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A funky ball of tits from outer space. Found by Bootsy Collins when he was just a simple farmer. It made him crazy and he milked the funk and made a funk shake. He then became the funkiest man alive. After he lost the funk Old Greg found it at the bottom of the ocean.
After he drank the funk he passed out, but when he came to, he was slappin that bass fast and loose like some kind of delirious funky priest.
by funkypriest July 4, 2009
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the act of putting a lit blunt roach in the tip of cigarette (usually menthol) that is slightly emptied. Then you can hit the roach through the cigarette. In doing this you can avoid burnt fingers and when the roach is done it in turn lights the cigarette.
Stoner 1: "Dude, the roach is burning my fingers!"

Stoner 2: "I got a Newport, let's funk it."

Stoner 1: "Fuck yeah!"
by LilAnt420 November 7, 2009
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Funke is a Nigerian name, given to female children from the "Yoruba" tribe. The full name in itself is usually pronounced/written OLUFUNKE or OLUWAFUNKE which means, God has given me this child to love, spoil and pamper her.
Hi I'm Olufunke, but you can call me Funke
by Red_Rooster March 12, 2020
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Noun: A feeling that you get when you just need to dance. This feeling overrides just NEED to dance. It is most often accompanied with groovy tunes.
"Dude, I'd come watch that movie right now but I've got a case of THE FUNK so badly that it hurts."
by T-Brew and A-Duh Smizzith July 21, 2009
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