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Talk the Talk means to talk honestly about something yourself. Someone that talks the talk talks with integrity, honesty,loyalty, and love.
Walking to church Sheila said to Britta-"Talk the Talk yourself! You can't say that about her and then turn around and say the opposite! Talk the Talk!!
by myra jane nelson January 17, 2010
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Wandering around aimlessly, looking for nothing, in a funk, in another world mentally
He meandered around the lake cottage in a fog. He walked in circles, meandering in a daze, when he heard the news of his sister's death.
by myra jane nelson January 12, 2010
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One in the Spirit means to be one as a group worshipping God. A group of people that are worshipping their God as one in unison.
We were One in the Spirit as we sang around the campfire at Bible Camp. We were all One in the Spirit worshipping the Lord also in our church Sunday. Everyone was as One in the Spirit when we all prayed together to help missionaries around the world.
by myra jane nelson January 14, 2010
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Abba Father is praying to God. It is a way to worship God. You say Abba Father when you are talking to God in prayer, or singing to Him in Worship.
Abba Father, Abba Father, I love you and want to do whatever you wish in my life. Abba Father Abba Father, I will always love you.
by myra jane nelson January 14, 2010
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God is terrific! He is all wonderful and totally spectacular! God is an awesome God!
The kids in the Sunday School class loved singing a song telling that God is an awesome God!
by myra jane nelson May 12, 2015
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Dear Heart means an endearment to a friend when talking, a sign that you care.
Don't worry about the test results, dear heart. Good morning, dear heart! It will be ok, dear heart, good luck!
by myra jane nelson January 18, 2010
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fly to Oz is to fly with the wind, windstorm, as in The Wizard of Oz, to fly to Oz when the house is rocking with the thunderstorm outside, to feel like the whole house is going to go up into the sky, to Oz
She woke up from a deep sleep, and thought she may flyto Oz!The shaking and rattling of the house made her think she would soon be up in the air, going to parts unknown, and fly to Oz as Dorothy did in the Wizard of Oz!
by myra jane nelson January 12, 2010
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