Act of creatively fixing something. Often using items for purposes they were not originally designed. As would McGyver on the American tv show, McGyver (1985-1992).
Mcgyvering is an art of fixing things or creating things you need, without having all the proper parts and tools. Usually not in the most ideal circumstances either.

Her Mcgyvering skills came in handy when the fire extinguisher trigger was broken. She used a pen cap to make it operate and was able to quell the fire in time.
by adiadivauno April 24, 2015
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v. To use an item for a purpose of which it was not designed for.
She mcgyvered her lighter to hit the nails in.
by sak November 23, 2003
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The art of making household items into deferent contraptions
Sable and Troy got an A in Mcgyverism class
by HaloElite May 25, 2010
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1. Of or relating to the show of the same name. Starring Richard Dean Anderson, aka Sexy Beast.

2. To fix or construct something using only the materials at hand, such as a paper clip and a drinking straw. Requires awesome sKILLz.
1. SpikeTV is awesome because they show four hours of Star Trek followed by one hour of McGyver every weekday.

2. I mcgyvered the window so it wouldn't leak anymore.
by lizzi May 19, 2005
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When during sex, you can't find a condom to use, so you improvise and find items around you to make one.
Last night, Mitchel Burgess had to mcgyver a dirty sock and a rubberband before he blew his load into some swamp donkey he met on the street.
by Jim January 14, 2004
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1. n. The most crafty human alive. Able to turn any exsisting matter into anything he wants. Also able to convert matter into energy with the power of his mind.

2. The only child of Chuck Norris.

3. v. To convert or fix a broken or useless object into something useful.
"A gun? McGyver doesn't need a gun. McGyver can make a gun, out of two tooth picks and a tic-tack."

"That light was broken, but I pulled a McGyver, and now it glows like the freaking sun."

"I didn't have any toilet paper, so i had to pull a McGyver on some printing paper."
by Fortis May 4, 2010
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to modifiy or create something out of one or more materials for the purposes of getting high.

originated from television show of the same name, as the star character could use only his swiss army knife and materials around him, and his all powerful golden mullet to escape from danger and overcome adversity.
he mcgyvered a bong out of a whiffle bat and a cork screw.
by s|ade April 13, 2005
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