A person with an unbelievably big ass.
Omg Mitchel, dat ass tho...
by Cultla December 1, 2016
Is an awsome person who is liked by everyone and who is admired by everyone
'I want to be a mitchel'

'Mitchels are so great'
by agent perry December 4, 2011
Mitchel took care of me when I was homeless
by HMarie February 5, 2010
Is a funny, talkative guy. Cares deeply about the people close to him. A very likeable guy.
Your pulling a Mitchel on me.
by Freenhappy July 8, 2017
Top bloke who loves a pokey bum wank, beats and rapes he’s doge. Also with a huge 10’inch choppie, and a fresh gay haircut. He also loves to eat pussy and do anal, this guy is a treat to be around.
Top bloke that Mitchel guy
by Killcam2016 October 21, 2018
Damn he knows what he is doing
Yeah, of course he does. He's a Mitchel
by bigdongswong May 24, 2019