super smart highly intellegent word to describe people that are superior to other non-burgesses
That person is destined to go to college and go far in life. Shes a burgess.
by mommamia605 February 20, 2016
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A subset of the Black male population that is exclusively attracted to White women. The reasons for this behavior are unclear.
"Why are all the women in his pictures White?"
"He's clearly a Burgess."
"I know, to talk to him he's a racist when it comes to white people."
by Jamal-the-Small2 May 3, 2008
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Honey, did you have to Burgess on the new carpet?
by Cloudman May 31, 2005
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To take a shit after anal sex; this occurs typically over the body of the partner.
I burgessed all over my boyfriends chest.

I just can't help but to burgess after taking up the ass!
by ilmss April 14, 2009
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1) A person who has particularly rank body odor.
2) To be generally socially unacceptable.
"Wow that dead guy really smells like Burgess"
"This van smells like Burgess"
by itsMeeeee May 3, 2006
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an explitive substition
Son of a Burgess!

by Shangri La March 13, 2009
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A work of fiction that is more similar to the effects of LSD than it is to real life.
Did you see that new movie....its so burgess! OR..I am so freaked by those burgess images in that film!
by lit-monster February 29, 2008
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