A humorous way to say "penis". This term also refers to the fact that a fire extinguisher squirts water to put out fire, and so could someone's penis by urinating.
Someone: "What's that bulge on your pants?"
Funny guy: "It's my fire extinguisher!"

A douchebag throws a cigarette on a dry ground
Someone: Hey, this could start a fire!
Funny guy: "Luckily, I brought my fire extinguisher with me" then whips out his penis and urinates on the cigarette.
by Steini kallinn June 18, 2010
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While having sex...get to the point of ejaculation. Quickly pull out and strike a match to light her pubes on fire. Ejaculate on the pubes and extinguish the flame!
by Firefighter2000 November 30, 2006
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when a girl get through having sex in the bootie and she farts on a fire to put it out.
god, my girlfriend gives a mean fire extinguisher.
by Mr. gull May 3, 2004
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Sex act involving a female with a good amount of pubes. Anything from a trimmed and neat landing strip to a forest bush can apply here.

During sex, just before ejaculation you light her pubes on fire (lighter or matches preferably).

You then utilize your busted load to put out the fire. If new to this technique keep a bottle of water or a real fire Extinguisher at the bedside for safety.
My wife hasn't trimmed or shaved her bikini region in weeks. Time to teach her a lesson. Its time to give her the fire extinguisher.
by M_Dubz152 June 18, 2023
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When a male touches the burning end of a lit match to the tip of his penis as he begins to ejaculate, extinguishing the flame with his cemen while feeling a unique pleasure.
The writer of the entry for "Fire Extinguisher" strongly recomends that readers do not attempt to perform a Fire Extinguisher.
by YesitwasactuallyJC August 14, 2006
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When a male and female are engaging in unprotected sex. The female is a red head with a fire crotch. The male pulls out close to the climax and ejaculates all over the womens firery red pubes. Thus, extinguishing the overwhelming fire.
Women- UHHHHH dont forget to pull out!

Man- Ya, ya i know.


Man- yeeee my fire extinguisher sure took care of that nasty forrest fire.
by GiggleGoat February 5, 2010
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A thing full of white stuff where if you push down hard enough, the white stuff will explode out of the nozzle... Basically a penis.
Shoot the fire extinguisher, HURRY! ITS GETTING HOTTER! I'M ON FIRE!!
by HOTTO DOGU May 19, 2017
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