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what people are when they are espescially sneaky, fetch, sketchy, or have a cunning wit.
Erica, Molly, and Gabriela were very crafty in their sprinting "energy" escape plans from the iceberg.
by gabriela August 01, 2004
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The devious mentality of a individual, or individuals, who constantly strive to undermine others.
"Maybe if we spent less time dealing with fake issues from crafty-bastard Raphael, we could've delivered the platform upgrade months earlier..."
by wroec June 06, 2018
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Refering to the beastie boys song, a woman who gets around.
She's crafty, she gets around, she's crafty shes always down!
by dmarieoddo July 13, 2013
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Next day you are crafty, Got too drunk and can't remember fuck all- Duncan Corbett - cameron Dibb
by DarkHazium January 07, 2011
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