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Mcconnelling was invented by John Stewart on the Daily show. It is a meme, and what you do is take the campaign ad for Mcconnell and you add music to it, then add the hash tag #mcconnelling to it. The ad works with basically any song you put to it, which is the cause of the trend.
*Turns on Mcconnelling video* *Raining men plays in the background*
by LexiGurl March 14, 2014
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McConnelling is when someone is in a short clip that mainly includes their upper torso and head. They start off by doing something official, or business-like such as signing papers and then suddenly smile at the camera like someone in the intro from Full House. McConnelling is based off of a political advertisement released by US Senator Mitch McConnell in which he signs some papers, and then turns his head up to smile at the camera.
Hey man, I saw the opening intro to Family Matters and they were all McConnelling!
by LiberalHumanistAtheist March 14, 2014
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To be in extreme distress due to an overfilled lower tract in need of evacuation. Derived from the term "turtling" which takes it name from the similarity of the excrement poking from your rectum to a the head of a turtle. The term "mcconnelling" has been given rise due to the resemblance of the 21st century republican politician Mitch McConnell to a turtle and his overall worth in society being relatively equal to that of human shit.
Before I leave for my date I need to take a shit. I am really mcconnelling right now and I am worried if I sit down I may stain my trousers.
by MrBueno October 03, 2014
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