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A creepy shitbag who enjoys jizzing on the Constitution
I pulled a McConnell in my bed last night dreaming about women having their vaginas sewn up until childbirth! Thank god we can still abuse the Constitution!
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by Ocelevision November 17, 2018
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n. A turtle-head shaped butt plug inserted after a session of anal sex, its principal purpose being to prevent the inadvertent escape of Santorum from the receiving partner’s anus.
Devin was lucky this time. Paul had a spare McConnell to lend him, and once it was inserted, he was able to hurry over to the White House without leaking Santorum into his pants.
by ciabrat May 30, 2018
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A hard clumpy constipated shit that when finally extracted leaves hemorrhoids and rectal bleeding.
The Majority Leader of the Senate is himself such a massive McConnell that the country will need Preparation H and stitches once gone from power.
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by IntlManoMystery August 09, 2018
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A nicer way of saying "Retarded" or "Retard". Being in a PC Culture in today's world, it is better to say McConnell instead of Retard.
"Bro is that guy retarded?" "Hey you can't say retarded that's offensive, just say McConnell." "Ah Understandable have a good day."
by Tr@shton June 04, 2018
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Theft of something belonging to someone else. Usually involving a great betrayal.
Some asshole mcconnelled my amazon order and left the whole appartment's mail open to theft!
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by drammypdog June 27, 2018
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awesomeness in the name, they are beautiful amazing and absolutely outstanding and they will snatch away your lover by one dimple filled smile, twirl of hair, and a small giggle. They are rumered to always be thick as hell with a butt that is so big you cant even fit both hands on it. they are also known to name their curves as butt kylie jenners and boobs kim kardashians or maybe something else. we always love them though no matter how sarcastic or loud they are you gotta love them and everything about them
I wish i was in the McConnell family because they are so eye catching and they can snatch away our lover by one dimple filled smile.
by hippopotamus hurray November 05, 2018
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