When you try to jerk off but are unable to reach orgasam for whatever reason, causeing you to jerk off for what seems to be an eternity yet is only 26.2 minutes
Dude, I went for a quick wank and that shit turned out to be a masterbathon.
by Ali T May 15, 2003
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Masturbating 26.2 times in a single day.
When I heard Todd was going to attempt a masturbathon, I bought stock in Kleenex.
by Billy November 14, 2002
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A word of Greek origin meaning to masturbate and ejaculate approx. 26 times continuously without breaking.
The 'bathlete completed the Masturbathon in his personal best time, 2 hours 36 minutes 9 seconds.
by Dr. Oxford May 16, 2003
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Similar to an obstacle course, in which you jack off to certain types of porn in a row, seeing how fast you can finish the course.
I always get slowed down in the farm sex section.
by niggers May 14, 2003
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Guys racing to see who can blow their load first.
You know youre a loser when you finish first and third in a masturbathon!!
by Dave May 15, 2003
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when a group of people (guys only) get together and masturbate. prizes are given out for longest endurance, quickest shot, most eggnog, and accuracy (on the sharpshooting part of it), NOT TO BE CONFUSED WITH A CIRCLE JERK
dude stevo has no endurance but he bagged the sharpshooting
by chz May 8, 2003
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Feeding a very long slong. (See slong.)
John: Hey man, where've you been all weekend?
Joe: I had me a regular masturbathon.
John: Holy crap! Can I borrow your porn?
Joe: Yeah, I won't need it while my slong heals.
by Wanna C. Mine May 10, 2003
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