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An Erection so intense and is lethal approximatley 75% of the time. Although rare, Elkrantz requires medical attention. Possible casue of elkrantz is seeing boobies.
After seeing the bodacious TA-TAS, Melvin felt the onset of an elkrantz, so immediatley called his doctor.
by Billy March 23, 2005
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Chad - typically a well rounded underrated athlete. the type of guy to be known for having a large head (literally and figuratively). one of the more handsome guys to walk the earth and has no problem letting you know.
ex. chad "rossburn rifle" doesn't have a problem with letting you know he is the fucking man
by Billy January 25, 2022
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1. A female who is usually significantly more attractive than the man she appears to be with that will flirt with him a lot and get him to spend a lot of money for the prospect of sex, and then abruptly fuck him over (in the figurative sense of course) by never talking to him again and/or dumping the shit out of him via the bulletproof lets be friends method.

Cock teases are typically thought to be the minions of a larger, more evil force.
Random Co-Worker: "So whats going on with you and Stacy?"
Stupid Sucker: "I spent 50 bucks on that cock tease and she won't even return my calls."
by Billy January 1, 2004
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That big, long, two minute piss, that you take after drinking an extra large soda at the movie theater.
After sitting through two and a half hours of The Last Samurai, Wes went and took a coke piss.
by Billy December 10, 2003
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A term used to indentify individuals who pretend they are aboriginal in order to get tax-free cigarettes, gasoline and, better access to government grants for art and cultural projects.
Ojibwee my ass. He's a fauxhawk with a lame script.
by Billy April 24, 2005
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The cuss word that Eric Cartman says in Southpark: Bigger Longer and Un-Cut.
Sadam Hussein is a massive dogshit taco.

Matt Nolting eats many of dogshit tacos daily.
by Billy May 3, 2005
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