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(v.) To smoke marijuana. Commonly used as slang for "getting high", "smoking up", etc.
Yo let's go chief after school today.
by Billy February 10, 2003

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An individual whom sells out his/her friends for thier own personal benefit.
Yo man, why you being a judas.
by billy June 01, 2003

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someone who is from iran and is cool
check out taht iraj kid, he must be persian
by billy April 28, 2003

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A special right that's generally reserved for heterosexuals.
Britnery Spears was allowed to enter the holy state of marriage for an entire 55 hours because she's heterosexual and thus brings honor to the sacred tradition.
by Billy December 04, 2004

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You are really great.
Hey there Joe - you rock!
by Billy February 06, 2005

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Show about kid who is possessed by a spirit (his other self) and kills people who piss him off.
d00d i'll get yugioh on ur ass if you dont shut up
by Billy June 22, 2003

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1. A female who is usually significantly more attractive than the man she appears to be with that will flirt with him a lot and get him to spend a lot of money for the prospect of sex, and then abruptly fuck him over (in the figurative sense of course) by never talking to him again and/or dumping the shit out of him via the bulletproof lets be friends method.

Cock teases are typically thought to be the minions of a larger, more evil force.
Random Co-Worker: "So whats going on with you and Stacy?"
Stupid Sucker: "I spent 50 bucks on that cock tease and she won't even return my calls."
by Billy December 31, 2003

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