A penis which is enormous in size
"dude did see that girl with peter?" "yea, she wants him because he's got a big slong" "man i wish i had his slong"
by pete March 11, 2004
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As long. "Slong" is a new contraction of the phrase "as long (as)".
slong as you don't shit on my dick, I'll stick it in your pooper
by slongas May 22, 2011
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A penis, can be big or small.
Mary was touching my gigantic slong last night, it was good.
by Shwag November 1, 2004
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slong - short form for shenglong

Colloquial for fucking up and/or ugliness and boils
by Master Pain March 11, 2005
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a name of a willy or wilge thought to b at a large lenght but it only describes your ego and its really no longer than 3"
"hay man have a look at my slong its huge"

"what the fk man it only 3" you fool"
by von goth June 7, 2007
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