is neither here, nor there eternal in faith, our souls will pass into the circle...never ending, never beginning
i have a tattoo of eternity on my leg
by shim October 3, 2003
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The period of time between when a person submits a definition to and when it actually shows up there.
I submitted my definition for algebra 5 months ago, and it still hasn't shown up!
by Mike the Ekim April 9, 2005
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eternity ; Is something that isn't infinite but to achive its own : that can last forever ; just like your entirety of eternity of sexy booty!

Eternity is seaminglessly something that repeats itself, but that you do not know is there or is happening.
Like Your eternity booty in motion.
by x2v12 May 15, 2016
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The time it takes for Tarek to decide whether or not to cut his hair.
Person A: "Damn, Tarek is taking an eternity to decide whether or not to cut his hair!"
Person B: "Damn, recursion."
by aweeezy May 13, 2020
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1) Any time spent waiting for any desired object, or time wasted wishing or hoping to attain the same.

2) The time span that occurs between the male human achieving his orgasm and the time that the woman leaves.

3) The time spent waiting for sex while you're getting your AIDs test results.
Wait and see are the words usually preceeding an eternity.
by jrh5356 April 23, 2005
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never-ending. It's a relative term, meaning it is different for different people or situations.
Eternity is meant to explain a long period of time outside of that which we understand time to be. It's impossible to understand metaphysically because it has no beginning and no end.
So we humans understand eternity as it is in our everyday lives, like......

"I spent an eternity in line waiting for my drivers license"

But in reality if one spent an eternity in line waiting you would know nothing but waiting in line from your birth to your death, and nothing else, because it's an eternity with no start and no end.
I spent an eternity in line waiting for my drivers license
by Jimmy Fedd June 21, 2016
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Eternalism is a philosophical theory that time is just another dimension, that future events are "already there", and that there is no objective flow of time. It is sometimes referred to as the "block time" or "block universe" theory due to its description of space-time as an unchanging four-dimensional "block".
Eternalism is the picture of time delivered to us by the special and general theories of relativity.
by Soel January 24, 2015
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