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Contrary to popular belief, not all manboobs are caused by fat. Some men are naturally born with higher amounts of estrogen then others and once they hit puberty start growing actual breast tissue. In fact, almost 1/3 of evry male has some form of it, though it may not be noticable.

But yes, most manboobs are just fat on overweight people.
King Tut had manboobs caused by estrogen. I saw it on Discovery Health Channel.
by Mike April 22, 2004
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what often happens to men who workout with barbells, dumbbells, free weights, nautilus, et al over long periods of time. The testosterone enzyme increases with the added muscle mass they develop, but so do their estrogen levels to keep a proper balance, such that they develop breasts (and buttocks) akin to females who produce this enzyme naturally.
Tina : I would date Bruce, but he has such noticeable man boobs from all those years of working out. And now they sag somewhat - gross !
Me : sez you ! You're as old as he is, and your boobs are beginning to sag, too.
Tina : yes, but mine are natural - and I wear a bra.

Me : well, buy him a bra, too and when you both are having sex, just make sure he wears it .
by Virgin Suicides May 11, 2017
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Something that fat guys have, similar to a woman's breasts, but nowhere near as attractive
If you searched for this, you probably have manboobs.
by Freak July 28, 2003
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Breasts on a man, either caused by being overweight or having a hormonal imbalance.
Check out the man boobs on Liam R! He needs a bra!
Dude: Hey, Liam, you need a bra, man.
Liam R: Actually, I'm wearing one, just underneath my third roll of fat! Wanna see?
by Manboobboy May 19, 2006
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