Skinny guy right is a bitch ass nigga that weighs like 180 and is slower than some guy names gabe and is a bitch and got put on the grass by someone named gabe and is usually a loser and gabe is basically better than him at everything and has never beaten him at anything and is shorter and benches less and squats less and is shorter and he usually has 2 other father names aidan and isaiah but in overall tylan is just a little short fat bitch that is very short and stinky and doesn’t usually wear socks and always has hid among us toes out and also pulls no bitches and has 0 rizz and recently got beaten by some guy named gabe in multiversus that never played the game and tylan had a character than was lvl 10 one that was lvl 8 and one that was lvl 7 and gabe still beat him with a character that was lvl 4 and he was making excuses the whole time bc he can’t admit that he’s ass and that gabe’s better
you know that bitch named tylan?
Oh yea that one that gabe aidan and isaiah own?
Yea that one
yea what abt him?
why is he so stinky?
haha idk he’s gabe’s son tho
yea fr he got put on the dirt
yea fuck Skinny guy right
by tylanabitch August 8, 2022
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see Ryan Bourassa
1.)that computer geek is such a skinny pale guy 2.) sexy (acording to freaks)
by SPG October 20, 2003
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An out of shape person who has no muscle and is slightly skinny but still holds fat around typical areas of the body such as thighs, neck, and arms.
haha look at the skinny fat guy he should go to the gym or just kill himself.
by DGJDGHK November 20, 2015
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A man without much muscle or fat, typically packing a huge cock
"I hooked up with that skinny guy yesterday, and my god, was he hung!"
"It's true, skinny guys always have the biggest dicks."
by justalilguy November 7, 2023
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