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Malcom is a man who is so good with women that he can't touch any without them dying of an intensive orgasm.

Commonly very good at having an erect penis, swooning women and hackeysack.
Is that Malcom? I hope he doesn't touch me or I'll die of a crazy awesome orgasm. I saw him playing hackey-sack and he's very good at it.
by WackaWacka September 17, 2013
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A Malcom is usually tall . Has big feet . Quiet in class . Hangs out with his boys.
His hair is in an Afro . Has a deep raspy voice.And is usually caught wearing a pair of Jordan's and laughing .
Mark : who's that kid over there laughing

Jordan: Oh that's. Malcom he thinks he's funny (he's really not).
by TheYasminyouknow September 23, 2017
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a boy who love to play girls but if they get a boyfriend he gets jealous and talks shit about them he's ugly and tall and has a very small dick
Malcom likes to make girls feel special then leave them
by Hgfdsssse November 12, 2017
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Not the tallest but Malcom is very athletic and very chill at times, makes many jokes that aren’t exactly the funniest until Malcom says it, he tends to lie on the outside about his facique but once you know him you realize he is actually pretty strong how he takes his flaws and make them into a positive thought.
Malcom isn’t that cool but is a good friend!
by MalcomWest August 03, 2018
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