A phrase in which grabs the attention of an innocent civilian, and directs that person to touch you, in a sexual or completely safe and g-rated way!!
1. As the hottest girl in school walked past me in the hall, and said "hi", all I could say in response was "TOUCH ME".
by Chrisssy T March 27, 2007
A female whom in sexual intercourse with another female does all the giving and no receiving. Essentially the top in a lesbian sex. Hence the name referring to not being touched during.
Jane is a total Touch Me Not, she wouldn't bottom for all the money in the world.
by lesbopezbo January 21, 2019
a stud that does not want to be touched during sex
"You think damine is a touch me not?" "definitely"
by gaybitch213 May 14, 2019
An innocent, yet sincere gesture of sexual attraction and longing for physical pleasure with someone, and in rare instances someTHING!
"Come here and touch me now!"
"I like to touch, please touch me!"
"Touch Me Brian"
"Do you want to Touch Me?"
"The Professor says that he likes 'dat' and wants you to touch me"
by The Julesman October 10, 2008
A female whom in sexual intercourse with another male/female does all the giving and no receiving. Basically does not let u touch on her well only in certain places
for example some girls only like kisses and hugs and maybe hickeys and they don’t let u go below the waist. on the other hand they’ll do whatever u want them to do to you , SHES A TOUCH ME NOT !
by HAJJAH M September 6, 2021
A person, usually female, who puts off the "Do not approach me, you have no chance," vibe. She/He is not interested in dating or sex and prefers to remain friends with many people but not in super close touchy-feely relationships. They usually come off really bitchy and fierce, but it's just part of their natural personality traits.
"It's a shame she's a Touch Me Not, she's pretty hot.."
"Don't even get your hopes up, there is no way in Hell she'd even consider it"
by Foleaseahhtea July 25, 2008
a girl/boy in grade school that won't do more than hold hands
young boy: i tried to touch my girl friends privates and she wouldn't let me that makes her a touch me not
by scoop69 January 21, 2007