Alicia Tyra Corrales-Connor
Tuby : I just looked up the word ‘talent’ but it’s just a picture of Alicia Corrales-Connor

Locy : Yes, that’s how dictionaries work
by haus.of.stapes May 11, 2020
Jimmy: Oh snap! Did you see that sorostitute?
Sam: Yah, there's definitely some talent around here.
by Vincent52 January 21, 2004
the thing that the likes of justin bieber, miley cyrus, and the jonas brothers don't have.
why do these stupid 7-14 year-old girls like retards with no talent selling themselves to the media so much?
by bieber is a girl February 1, 2010
when a girl is attractive, hot, fuckable, etc.
"Dude, this party blows. There is absolutely no talent here."
by sir mix-a-lot 2 January 2, 2009
Talent – Ability to do something well, like musical performance or acting. A complete lack of talent has never been a barrier to success in these fields (see Hilary Duff or Kevin Federline, for instance). Conversely, having extraordinary talent in these fields is no guarantee of success. Superior marketing beats superior talent every time (see Madonna).
Since when did you need talent to become famous as an actor or musician?
by Eugene206 December 19, 2006
word to describe a females level of cutness/sex appeal/attractiveness
also used to identify a girl that is appealing to lok at
now that girl has some talent
by tweek December 19, 1999
Did you see all that talent at that Hair Salon? No wonder everyone goes there.
by VLJank May 25, 2006