A phrase stating the opposite of the ever popular and meaningless, “it is what it is,” but essentially meaning the same thing.
Well lemme remind ya honey, life can just simply suck sometimes; it isn’t what it isn’t.
by Dr Bunnygirl August 26, 2019
Used to strongly agree with what someone has said about something or someone.
Heather - This is so expensive!
Veronica - Isn’t it just!
by Chinky Chonky April 28, 2019
This is an alternative way of saying i love you in Japanese
Josh: the moon is beautiful isn’t it?
Ryan: yeah it sure is..
by 0921783456 February 2, 2021
A phrase used to say that you love someone but are sadly letting them go. All sunsets are beautiful, but they’re inevitably a sign of the days end. Nothing lasts forever.
“The sunset is beautiful, isn’t it?”
“It always has been.”
by s6ccharine December 2, 2021
‚the sunset is beautiful, isn’t it?‘ is a way to tell someone that you love them, but you’re letting them go.
Looking deeply into the eyes of the loved one you couldn’t have and now decided to let go and saying: ‚the sunset is beautiful, isn’t it?‘
by ohnoireallyshouldntstay December 1, 2021
The sunset is beautiful, isn’t it? meaning that the person saying that was in love with you but letting it go.
friend: the sunset is beautiful isn’t it
y/n: uhh i guess
friend: 🙂
by tootingmaster January 16, 2022
I don’t know if I can get my GED. This has proven itself extremely difficult.
Isn’t there some way to rig the GED? Cause I just can’t do the math. Maybe I have a Disability but it is really taking my time. Can anyone give me anything that will end my torment? I really don’t understand the Math. I feel stuck and trapped. It’s really bad timing cause I will be 30 years old soon. I’m so tired of being held down. It has truly played me.
by Zatarain’s Root Beer Drinker February 10, 2021