Mothers and Fathers Italian Association
Originated in Sicily, as a way of protection, when a family went on vacation they would ask their friends to watch their houses etc. once brought to America they used mafia to describe organized crime. its not all just killing like the movies, its more of a close family that will do anything to protect their loved ones, and make some money doing it
the mafia, (only italian mafia because of what it means) all other types are just mobs!
now you know the truth
by Noto January 26, 2005
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ey Pizano! Gimme da pizza pie or else I break-ah your legs ah
by rob March 13, 2004
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an organization of criminal practices in order to make money (most commonly associated with Sicilians).
;highly associated with "hip-hop stars" who like to consider themselves "mafioso".. Ex: LiL Kim, 3-6 Mafia ect.. these people also copy the typical italin lifestyle, such as wearing "bling-bling", driving italian cars, wearing Italian made suits (P. Diddy) and frequently refering to the mafia in their lyrics. These people are the opposite of "wiggers".. they are "Nackers".
Check out LiL Kims new cd, La Bella Mafia.. i didnt know she was in the mafia..
by chris November 09, 2004
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a word that came out of the arabic language in sicily.mostly consisting in america of half and quater sicilians at the time who were in the mafia. same thing with the famous people who are " sicilian" most of them are half or quarter.
jonny: haha ure name sounds italian!
billyio:yes its a rare name from italy x o xo
johnny:are u in the mafia
billyio:no no im from tuscany i leave that for sicilia......im not ignorant :
jonny: hay!!!
by nnininiaa August 31, 2006
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An invention of the media, used to sully the name of Italian Americans by portraying them as criminals, while drawing attention from the dirty Micks who were the real criminals.
There is no Mafia, it’s just a vicious propaganda, that the press uses as a smear campaign to badmouth Italians.
by Skinny Clemenza May 03, 2008
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I quit playing mafia after 1 mission cuz that game sucked ass.
by cartman5000 July 25, 2004
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