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A beautiful strong minded girl, that comes from a lot in origin. She struggles in her family to due the standards of her parents. She is so smart, but her parents don't always understand or care to when she feels bad or down in the dumps.They are very strict and expect to much out of her which stresses her more then anything.
She is a once in a lifetime girl. She is very hard to get. You will be lucky if you are up to her standards even for a month. She has a lot going on due to society and friends. She doesn't like to get involved with stuff but does anyway, although other times she could care less about stupid shit.
She is a person you can trust and you should never give up on. She needs you as much as you do her. If you are loyal to her she will return the favor, but if u screw with her you lost your chances.
She is the most beautiful girl ever and tends to fall for the wrong guys although she doesn't want to date, because she is afraid of getting hurt.
But she is absent minded, she doesn't notice sometimes when people really do care for her, specifically boys, she talks to them and thinks they are just another player. Sometime they aren't, sometimes they really do love her but she doesn't back, or think they will really do the best.
When you find a Sofia, you better grab her before someone else does.
Sofia is so beautiful, and I wish she would just believe what I'm trying to tell her
by ColorfulTears March 28, 2015
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Amazing friend. Enthusiastic. Athletic. Beautiful. Gorgeous. The best friend ever.Smart. Strong. Independent. Takes crap from no one. Once you get a Sofia, do not lose her. The best thing that will ever happen to you.
Girl 1 " Sofia is the best friend ever."
Girl 2 "I know right?"
by asbgirls June 07, 2015
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Sofia/Sophia's are often misjudged. People think they are shy and timid, but are actually crazy and sometimes won't be quiet. They are artistic and sweet. Sofia's are quite something I tell ya...
Person 1: Sofia is so pretty, but never talks to me.
Person 2: If you go up to her she definitely talk to you. Just, don't get on her bad side. She is cute, but is strong...
by It's me... January 17, 2017
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A very pretty girl. She is confident in herself and helps her friends out whenever she can. Isn't fake and doesn't hang around fake people. Has a small group of friends, but can hold conversations with almost everybody. Very outgoing girl.
Today I saw Sofia helping Taylor with her math homework.
by The Girl Kayla October 27, 2015
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Sofia is the prettiest, kindest, and smartest girl in the world. All the boys who see her immediately love her, but she usually just gives them one pity date, then let them down easy. It is rumored that Sofia is an angel from above, which she is. She spends her days in the skies, making paintings in the clouds.
Boy 1: Sofia is so amazing! I'm asking her out!
by Blitz_The_Dog December 27, 2016
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the most fun person you will ever meet. sofia's are very self concious and childish but do not like to show it. almost daily sofia's feel like crying but smile to fake it. with sofia's you better be kind to them because they do not show emotions well. do not be rude or sarcastic with sofia's because they will be silent and then bite back. usually violently like pulling hair, biting, or punching. other than that sofia's are very pretty usually with unique features. feautures that most boys do not like but will slowly realaize how beautiful she is. sofia's are very crazy and bubbly and do NOT care what others think. the type of person who will dance in public for no reason. at home they are still crazy but as girly as they act, they are quite the tomboy. playing cOd or GTA all night for hours. they can never sleep early and it is sooo hard to wake them up. treat them right and once you start crushing on a sofia drop hints and tell her because she will prob fall for you too!!!!
Boy: I really want to get to know sofia more but im afraid how she will act.
Boy 2: trust me bro she doesn't care about what you do or how weird you are, she is the silliest of them all!
by ThatRandomGurlXD December 04, 2017
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Sofia is a stunning,beautiful girl. She is super happy and optimistic. Everyone needs a sofia in their life. She will constantly make you laugh just by her laugh. She can talk for 2 hours- she’s super chatty. She has such a big heart and she tries to make sure everyone is having fun and is happy. All boys think about her. Sofia deserves so much more because she is truly the best. Sofia can make you smile endlessly . She makes friends super easily. She is the best friend you could ever ask for and make sure not to loose her. Whenever you are around Sofia you are sure to smile and have fun. Everyone loves her, she’s #1. At first, she is a little shy but then she’s super loud and extrovert. Sofia is the prettiest girl ever.
by urbandictionarymuse September 26, 2017
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