Amazing friend. Enthusiastic. Athletic. Beautiful. Gorgeous. The best friend ever.Smart. Strong. Independent. Takes crap from no one. Once you get a Sofia, do not lose her. The best thing that will ever happen to you.
Girl 1 " Sofia is the best friend ever."
Girl 2 "I know right?"
by asbgirls June 5, 2015
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A very pretty girl. She is confident in herself and helps her friends out whenever she can. Isn't fake and doesn't hang around fake people. Has a small group of friends, but can hold conversations with almost everybody. Very outgoing girl.
Today I saw Sofia helping Taylor with her math homework.
by The Girl Kayla September 12, 2015
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Sofia is a girl who was living in the village doing all right, then she became a princess overnight.
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Sofia is a loving, loyal, amazing friend. She can try to impress people, but at the end of the day, she doesn’t give a crap. She may seem mean at first, but when you get to know her, she is the best. She is super smart, and people use her for that to cheat on tests and assignments. When you mess with her, you won’t get away with it. She tries not to get into people’s business, but sometimes, she just can’t help it. She also tries to not blow up and get mad easily, but for Sofia, sometimes it just can’t be helped. People don’t accept her for who she is at first, but if they give her a chance, she will turn out to be the best person you will ever meet. When you find a Sofia, never let her go. She gets all the hot guys. If you’re good to her, maybe she’ll get you a date for prom! Sofia is the most amazing person you will ever meet in your entire life.
Boy 1: Sofia is soooo hot! I’d never get a chance with her.
Boy 2: Yeah, I know. She’s so hot that I’m too embarrassed to ask her out.
Boy 1: Here she comes! *sprays himself with cologne*
Sofia: Hey boys.
Boys: Uhhh... hi! Ummm... well... uhh... I guess we will just be going on our way... *chuckles and walks away nervously*
by Sof123 February 22, 2017
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Sofia is the prettiest, kindest, and smartest girl in the world. All the boys who see her immediately love her, but she usually just gives them one pity date, then let them down easy. It is rumored that Sofia is an angel from above, which she is. She spends her days in the skies, making paintings in the clouds.
Boy 1: Sofia is so amazing! I'm asking her out!
by Blitz_The_Dog December 27, 2016
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Sofia is a person who cares about everyone and tries to becomes Friends with everyone, if you hert her she will give you one more chance but if you blow that chance she will not give you a second one, she’s a kind and beautiful person she will always accept and give hugs to her friends. She’s beautiful but doesn’t know it, she’s kind but doesn’t want to be, she’s forgiving but shouldn’t be, Sofia is an amazing person and if you loose her you’re f*cking screwd
Sofia is everyone’s best friend You don’t have a choice
by Pemily_person August 2, 2018
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Sofia is not one to be messed with. She is very intelligent and social, and will make your life crazy and epic when you meet her. (in a good way.) She can be annoying at times, but is mostly very likeable and trustworthy. Sofia will also make you laugh hysterically until your sides hurt with her jokes and stories.
Emily: She seems like a total Sofia.
by Natasha Mawshmallohquoen July 2, 2012
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