A great looking guy who is a ladies man and likes to dress up, Tommaso is the best thing that will happen in your life and will always be there for you in the bad and the good every girl should want him in they're life's great boyfriend and friend and will always respect your choice
I was having a bad time but then Tommaso came and made my life way better.
by Hey there you lads June 18, 2018
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A funny good-hearted ladie's man who will break your neck in a second if you talk bad about his family. Although deceptively calm, all it takes is one misinterpeerated joke to set him off.
I was having a good time last night and I heard a "your momma" joke and went Tommaso on them
by sum other chick July 12, 2009
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Tommaso means bro or broski.
You can use the word “Tommaso” when you hangout with your homies.
Person 1: Yo wsp Tommaso
Person 2:Nm wbu homie
by by urban dictonary April 11, 2021
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Tommaso is the biggest cunt you will ever meat. He is a blonde chach, he is not a ladies men but thinks he is. Tommaso will do anything for money, he is a manipulative, selfish cunt.
Tommaso:'Buy me a choky or I will kill you'
by aiusdhnsqékdna March 6, 2018
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'A Total Babe' has no muscles and loves to Skate, notably associated with Skaters, Weed, Pot, Italy and Poetry. Commonly believes him self to be a ladies man, profoundly attracted to brunette northerners. The biblical name features numerous positive attributes however, the name belongs to many rude, socially unaware, impudent unpleasant brash males. Illuminates 'Storm' Features.
by KingTommaso1990 November 10, 2013
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A person of Italian heritage who makes a living or otherwise advances him or herself by betraying other Italians.
Rudy Giuliani is a real Uncle Tommaso.
by deathbyserifs May 6, 2021
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A tall annoying smart ass who's very Narcissistic
Person 1: Hi
Person 2: I'm so buff and tall and I'm so much better than you
Person 1: why are you acting like Tommaso Idone
Person 2: Whats Tommaso Idone?
Person 1: Tommaso Idone is a tall smartass who thinks hes better than everyone.
by Why is Tommaso Idone a dick April 25, 2022
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