By far one of the all-time coolest races in the world. Their awesomness are hidden by the french who sends lazy-ass workers to make Corsicans look bad.
-Holy fuck i just saw a guy kill an entire army, he must have been Corsican.

-Barney Stinson kneels when he sees a Corsican, cause they are the only thing more awesome than him.

-It's easy to spot a Corsican apart from other french, they are the only ones doing something if you declare war on the french
by Got ownd July 1, 2011
Mixing Norwegians and Corsicans and creating Corsican-Norwegian can have very very serious consequences. It will create masters of the universe. They are by far the most awesome race in the universe.
- One of the reasons Doctor Who had to reboot the universe was because of the Corsican-Norwegians.

- The Corsican-Norwegians has the right to rule the world, but humbly declines to do so.

- Every time you do something a Corsican-Norwegian doesn't agree with, a kitten and a puppy dies.

-If you are an asshole against a Corsican-Norwegian, and he/she doesn't show you mercy, you are fucked even how quickly you manage to get away.
A corsican dialect is a commonly used discrete reference for a blowjob. An excelent way of avoiding the use of more offensive words in public.
Person 1 -"Hey, do you know where Jake and Kate went?"
Person 2 -"Uh, they're having a corsican dialect."
Person 1 -"Wow.. at a grill party?"
Person 2 -"Yeah, so don't spread it"
by SteveTheEpicGamer September 14, 2019
A corsican dialect refers to a blowjob. It can be split to two words. The word "dialect" is commonly used as a synonym to "conversation", in this given cause, meaning oral pleasuring of a penis. The word "corsican" refers to a southern island in the mediterranean sea that is considered a region of france. It's connection to a blowjob is yet unknown.
Hey, did you know where Jim and Mary went?
They are having a Corsican dialect in the bathroom.
by SteveTheEpicGamer February 22, 2019