Ultimate mafia boss of Italy, he controls nearly all of the media, he has hundreds of millions of euro, he can bribe & intimidate judges into dropping corruption charges against him.

He's reached his cancerous tentacles into politics, and subsequently, the biggest mafia boss of the country has also become the prime minister.
Nobody in Italy likes him, you constantly see parodies of him and Berlusconi has succesfully tried to censor some of these parodies putting him to bad light
by ForzaItalia June 14, 2008
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1: The current (Fascist) prime minister of Italy 2: Stupid corrupt rich idiot moron who destroyed Italy's economy, controls 90% of the country's media, and is a mannequin of Bush (king of idiots) against the will of his great people.
Silvio Berlusconi is a corrupt madman.
by CiaoItalia August 29, 2003
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see fucktard

Being a corrupt mafiosi retard man on top of a fine nation, italy, continously talking about his enormous cock and how much money he will make by buttraping his citizens.
i was wondering if i could berlusconi this tv-set from your shop or i have to stab your cars tires first.
by rapstar42 November 19, 2003
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An italian politian in power at the time of writing. Has lniks and allegences with the communist party. The italians refer to him as a 'testa di cazzo'. That is a head of cazzo.
Berlusconi di merda.
by CoolJoe October 24, 2007
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A rich, corrupt, narcissist leader in office
Trump is basically the Berlusconi of America
by Greghef June 13, 2017
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Conservative pro-business Italian Prime Minister disliked by left-wing ass gnomes because he would rather not see the return of Bolshevism to Europe. Liberals compare Berlusconi, Bush, or anybody with conservative political views to Hitler and Mussolini because that's their idea of fun.
Silvio Berlusconi has returned a great deal of economic strength and national pride to Italy.
by Paul O'Neill July 2, 2004
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For a politician to get caught in a sexual compromising position or situation.
Herman Cain just got Berlusconied
by sethkocho November 8, 2011
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