In the early 1900's, Paris was the home of many American expatriates.
by gregbo October 10, 2003
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I'm not sure what new hip meaning it has now, but in whiteyville it means:

One who used to live in this country but now lives in that country.
Sean Penn used to live in America, but he moved to France, because he's a hippie expatriate.
by Whitey the First October 9, 2003
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A person living outside his or her country.
The American expatriates in Paris are gay.
by grab October 11, 2003
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To kill by removing someone's skin, therefore making them melt. Extremely gross, and you should just use a gun.
Bob: Hey Kenthar, do you want to hear about how I expatriated this guy the other night?
Kenthar: How did you get in here?
by Kenthar October 13, 2003
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a form of blindness resulting from having travelled to a remote part of the planet, under very difficult conditions, only to realise that there's a tour group there. Expatriate myopia causes you to not see the tour bus, the group or any individual that may remotely come from where you're from. It's often accompanied by deafness. Usually contracted by backpackers...
Diane developed expatriate myopia in Bakit Lawang, having arrive there after a 23 hour bus trip, only to find that every room was taken by Australian Year 12 students on schoolies.
by Normally Light Fingered February 3, 2010
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