"Son of a bitch, we've looked for Jimmy Hoffa everywhere! Tell him he's gonna miss supper."
- J. Edgar Hoover, ex-director of the FBI
by AgentSythe April 24, 2007
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When a condom aka a Jimmy falls off during sex and is never found.
So we are going hard and all of the sudden my Jimmy cone turned into a Jimmy Hoffa.
by Joe bagadonutz November 10, 2015
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jimmy hoffa was the union leader who mysteriously vanished. his body is still nowhere to be found. people say he was killed by the mafia but its still a big mystery.
me and haley LOVE jimmy hoffa soooooooo much!!!! we love u jimmy!
by KoR-tAnI December 16, 2006
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the act of going back in time to the 50s and fucking jimmy hoffa and sucking the cum back out, putting it in a jar and coming back
timmy just jimmy hoffaed
by Daddy Swedosh April 23, 2020
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