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Sicily is a girl that will always be there for you. She is a beauty that attracts all kinds of people. She's smart, kind, forgiving, and a great friend. She always wants to make people happy and constantly tries to make people smile. A genuinely nice girl who should be treated like the beautiful princess she is. She's a good person to be around, so if you ever meet one, never let her go. Ever. She's a social, cunning, passionate woman. To have a Sicily as a friend is to be extremely fortunate. Once you've pissed her off, you shall pay for the rest of your life! However, this somehow does not threaten her people skills. You will most likely fall in love with her because of her grace and kindness. She loves all and loves people for their souls, she will always find good in people. Don't ever underestimate her, she is a very brave one. She is a mixture of lush and sexy. Although she's a really bold and sometimes quirky person, Sicily is usually a perfectionist and she might be really hard on herself in private. She can be stubborn, and won't stop an argument until she has made her point, but she is also forgiving and loyal. She will break your heart even if you didn't even know you loved her in the first place. Her smile, that damn smile will make you feel at home, her eyes are the most gorgeous things you may ever see, her lips are gorgeous, her humor can make you die of laughter, and most importantly her heart, the kind-hearted soul she is will never change. Don't let her go.
" Did you see Sicily today, she is so gorgeous"

" Sicily you are an amazing friend, I love you so much"

"Don't let Sicily go."
by Amy Hollan June 01, 2018
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An autonomous region of Italy. Sicilians have a rich culture, with Greek, Arab, Spanish influence. They're a fiercely proud people and offer some of the best foods you'll ever eat. The women are beautiful and tough. Also the origin of the mafia.
You don't want to mess with them -- they're from Sicily.
by siciliani February 15, 2009
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Sicily is a girl that is crazy, beautiful, and different. She will be there for you and will make you laugh so hard you could pee your pants. She also gets others jealously because she is beautiful. She also understanding. If you find a Sicily .... Don't let her go!
Sicily is the one of the greatest friends I could ask for!
by tiggerlilyx March 03, 2015
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