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When a woman's pregnancy has not yet been confirmed by a doctor the potential baby is referred to as a "maybe baby" or maby for short. Maby may be used up until the birth of the baby in order to avoid jinxing the pregnancy.
Dear, would you want to find out the sex of our maby?
by Appreesh May 26, 2014
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A male who acts repetitively like a small child or infant
A maby will refuse to admit wrong doing, or are unable to handle confrontation.
by Dr. Muerto de Gato August 30, 2010
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Mabys is the type of girl who is unique, eccentric and is just in general a once in a lifetime girl who will change your life for the better, she loves to laugh, eat, and have fun. An amazing girl who is beautiful on the inside and out, and is one of the strongest girls you will ever meet in your life. Someone who you should never let go from your life because the day you do, is the day you’ll regret for the rest of your life
Christian: Dude Mabys is just sooooo amazing
George: Bro you’ve told me this for the 50th time
Christian: well let’s make it 100
by Dj_revenant April 08, 2019
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Male ejaculate, which if disposed of incorrectly will become a baby.
“Dude I didn’t pull out quick enough last night and pumped her full of mabies
by jem stiltshire November 05, 2017
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Like rabies, but you catch it from wild and rabid monkies.
"OMG! Get away from that monkey. It has mabies! Maybe that is why we called it Connie? That and the fact that it has moobs!"
by Cornflakes.For.Connie May 31, 2009
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