Amazing song by Talking Heads
If you can listen to this song or Psycho Killer and not love it, I think Miley Cyrus may be the kind of music your looking for.
Letting the days go by/let the water hold me down
Letting the days go by/water flowing underground
Into the blue again/after the moneys gone
Once in a lifetime/water flowing underground
by Obscured by Clouds February 3, 2009
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When the chance arises to do something illegal you've always wanted to but you unfortunately know it would likely get you a lifetime sentence in prison.
Jim: "Hey I was stopped at a pedestrian crossing and then of all people I see my boss, walking out in front of me. I could've flattened him."
Bob: "Too bad you passed up on a once for a lifetime opportunity."
by JimBobstro September 6, 2008
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An experience so rare that it often happens only once in a person's entire lifetime. Basically, it can be seen as something that might happen only once in roughly 60 years or longer.
For some, a trip to Disney World is a once in a lifetime experience.

When a friend moves long distance, getting together with that friend for a dinner and a movie is very commonly a once in a lifetime experience.

Getting married is a once in a lifetime experience.
by He who knows11 January 30, 2023
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