Running into a church on a sunday and screaming "Jesus Christ is a fake and your all still going to hell"
Tom committed blasphemy running through a church screaming, "Jesus Christ is a fake and your all still going to hell"
by Kraizk July 31, 2006
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statements / comments or writings
by a person that are considered to be
against the tenets of a religion or against general public morality.
Mr. x was chided for propogating blasphemy in the village
by peeush trikha December 5, 2004
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Saying something that goes against the teachings of your average great and holy moot point (see religion). Thought to offend god/s.
Person 1: "I don't believe Jesus was the son of God."

Person 2: "Blasphemy!"

Person 1: "Uh.. huh.."
by The_Mad_Thinker April 9, 2008
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what ignorant people call it when smart people try to explain things to them
Jesus: "God created everything out of nothing but i have no tangible proof of it so you'll just have to take my word for it."
Ignorant Person: "That is the smartest thing I have ever heard anyone say about anything!"
Charles Darwin: "I THINK that evolution MAY have happened, I do have tangible evidence based on reality and real world observations but it is still inconclusive and needs further study."
by bored15yrold September 30, 2012
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a slang term for the word bullshit.
Bob: yo i gotta write a 10 page report on WEB Du Bois.
Tom:thats blasphemy.
by Jacky L December 25, 2007
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The intent of doing an act that's considered to go with your beliefs with a third-party goes completely against your belief.
Person 1: I'm vegan, but I'm purchasing a vegan food product from a non-vegan food franchise
Person 2: Blasphemy!
by Can't find a handle November 14, 2021
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To do something out of ordinary ,kind of like playing god or to act like you are. To state false comments about things you dont kno.
Jenny always assumes she knows everything about a certain person ,but yet she knows nothing ,she needs to stop trying to play god and shut up
by Shelbs April 9, 2005
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