The sexual act of doing it from behind (doggy style) on a bed. When the male is about to ejaculate, he trusts so hard the female falls off the bed and onto the floor. The male then, from the bed, ejaculates on the female still dazed lying on the floor.
Hey man, my girlfriend and I have started using a new type birth control; it's called the push out. It's like the pull out but you throw that bitch on the floor and cover her in cum from the bed. It's great for one night stands, you are sure they won't try to stay over.
by That guy from the Nation May 15, 2017
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Popular, derogatory U.S. Navy term used for the ridding of unwanted personnel.
"We need to get rid of Ens Foxtrot. Go ahead and push out."
by Tarred & Salty October 1, 2007
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When you sit on the toilet and you begin to push out a clustered ball/balls of shit that look like boulders. I.e. Taking a shit when Constipated
Fred sat on the toilet only to find out he was Pushing Out Stones.
by SovietSpaghetti September 15, 2019
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When a female is riding a man and the man is about the cum the female will hope off the man "pushing" him out of her stopping her from becoming pregnant. The female version of a pull out game.
"dang girlllll that push out game strong!"
by Blake Phipps June 12, 2016
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Should we drink wine or beer?
Let's push the boat out. Let's order champagne.
by villacao April 4, 2016
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When a rap producer and/ or pimp wants his bottom bitch to spit a song on the floor with passion
Yo, last night Sha-Kee-Nah really push that shit out at the studio yo
by BlondeBomberCat January 29, 2016
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