A delicicious kind of chocolate candy with a crunchy, colored coating. Made by the Mars chocolate company. They are round and sometimes used in cakes, frostings, and other types of sugar filled deserts and dishes.
Kyle at a whole 6 pound bag of m&m's yesterday.
by J6&J13 May 26, 2006
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Molly and Mary-Jane, MDMA and Marijuana. The mixture of these two drugs can take your party experience to a whole new level. These ladies are the life of any party.
"What's with Christina and Ricky..They seem so happy and awesome tonight!" "Ya man! They had M & M's before the party!"
by CallAlice September 20, 2013
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A marijuana bowl with kief around the edge like a martini. M&M stands for marijuana martini.
by regretrhombus April 16, 2018
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More a sound than a word.

The oposite of "mhm".
It's negative, like "no", "hell no" or whatever similar.
d1: wanna catch a movie?
d2: m-m
d1: wanna get some food then?
d2: mhm
by Elliken April 20, 2010
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M&M = McDonald's and Motel. Good cheap date is a trip to McDonalds, followed by a trip to the cheapest motel around.
I took Jane out last night for an M & M.
by cheap motel October 17, 2006
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Abbreviation for marine mattress. Slang term for a woman or guy that only gives up the booty to marines.
“Hey, that new Air Force chick that showed up at the office yesterday is hot.”
“You don’t have a chance dude. She was in my class at the Defense Language Institute, she’s a freaking M & M and a half.”
by Trav October 21, 2004
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