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Meaning the same as "yes" or whatever similar.
It's more a sound than a word.

The opposite of "m-m".
Dude 1: ya wanna go get some food?
Dude2: mhm
Dude1: And away we go...
by Elliken April 20, 2010

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More a sound than a word.

The oposite of "mhm".
It's negative, like "no", "hell no" or whatever similar.
d1: wanna catch a movie?
d2: m-m
d1: wanna get some food then?
d2: mhm
by Elliken April 20, 2010

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Original it's a positive charged symbol, the symbol for luck. Since WW2 and the Nazis, it's been a negative symbol, often associated with the killing of the Jews.

It's name is Swastika, and is several thousands years old.
my example: 卐 <- Swastika
by Elliken April 20, 2010

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A common Norwegian name for girls.
her name is Stine
by Elliken May 03, 2010

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abbv. for Name definitions here on UD.
If someone defines someones name, it a name def, or ND.

Very common to def someones name in a defamatory way, like "shaun - the cheapest MF ever, cheats on everybody....", or in a good way: "Brad - the cutes guy ever..."

A name def is considered by UDitors to be a good reason NOT to publish a def, or to remove.
Uditor 1: I found a defamatory name def, so I removed it.
UDitor 2: Yeah, I got several, both positive and negative, and didn't publish them.
by Elliken May 10, 2010

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Abbv. for Just For Fun
1: wanna go to the movie?
2: Why?
1: JFF
2: Okey
by Elliken April 22, 2010

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Norwegian slang to describe when a man has too much moodswing, like a girls pms.

Often asked by girls, with a smile on their faces.
Dudette: Dude, u're mood is swinging like shit, u have mannsen?
Dude: FO
by Elliken April 21, 2010

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