The crystals that contain T.H.C. from a marijuana cannabis plant.

Kief or crystals when seperated from the marijuana (leaf, stem, flower buds) resemeble a yellow powder.

Kief or crystals can be compressed, heated and rolled to create hash / hashish.

If smoked in powder form the user will experince a more intense high then regular marijuana.

If smoked in hash form the user will experince a more mellow body high

I smoked a huge bowl of kief in my bong when I ran out of buds.
by chuckthefuk January 18, 2006
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its da sugar that falls off yo' gummy worms
Just smoked a bowl topped with kief. Feels good man
by NetJester December 28, 2010
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the weed powder at the bottom of a sack (usually KB), the left over cystals and hairs that feel off the dank while it was in the sack, the highest percentage of THC consentrate in powder form, definitely one hitter quitter
All I have left is some kief.
I got a bat and dug-out with some kief.
Let's roll a joint out of kief.
by the_infinitesimal October 15, 2004
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South African slang for 'nice', 'great', 'awesome', etc.
The weather was kief today so we took some beers to the beach
by coda May 17, 2004
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South African slang to describe just about anything thats uber cool
Rush is kief
Rush is THE kief
Rush has a kief kiefness about him

<noob> how you doing rush ?
<rush> kief, now fokoff
by PDS November 3, 2004
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Kief is related to the German word, Kiff, which means to smoke weed. Because German weed is better than American weed, (because it comes from amsterdam), Kief in America is top shit, whereas, German kiff is totally normal shit.
Digga: You wanna kiff?
Ami-bro: yo...I love kief!
.... (after smoking)
Ami-bro: Kiff is the shit!...but we say kief!
by girl with 3 eyes January 24, 2017
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See "Shmangle" as in
Shmangle is way kief.
by Hemingway February 3, 2005
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