smiley symbolizing one who appreciates or is listening to rock music
\m/ (>.<) \m/ That song rocks!
by Richard Spitler September 23, 2007
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M & M: original, peanut, almond, crispy, peanutbutter, minis
by jimboyah September 18, 2005
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the rock and roll symbol.
can also be shortened to: \m/
Person#1: OMG did you go to the concert?!?
Person#2: they were \m/>.<\m/ !!!!
Person#1: totally. lol
by Dijnne January 2, 2006
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Fat Kid 1: *pants heavily* man, this is one exhausting hike

Kid 2: dude we're walking across the street to your house

Fat Kid 1: *oblivious* it's cool i brought some M&M's to keep me going
by NotSoSlimShady6969 September 28, 2013
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Basically, it's a person bowing! The two M's are the hands of the person, the _'s are the person's eyes, and the ()'s are the sides of the person's head.
Person 1- I command you to do this!
Person 2- Yes, master. m(_ _)m
by RiaLee January 3, 2007
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Japanese emoticon for: My apologies
M's are the hands on the ground with the the head/eyes bowing.
A: Please help me with this.
B: I am sorry for troubling you. m(_ _)m
by BShouse November 6, 2007
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