chocolates covered in a sweet thick candy shell. Also has yummy peanuts in the middle.
I went to the store and bought so m&m's.
by mike July 2, 2003
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(n) A Japanese emoticon used to convey the act of bowing to another. This usually means you admire something of them, or wish to show respect. In some cultures, bowing is also a way of greeting one another (however, if you use this emoticon to greet someone who is not from a culture of bowing, then you will most likely confuse them).
{Example 1}
Sensei (teacher): Goodmorning, pupil.

Student: m(_ _)m

{Example 2}
1: I just beat Halo2 in like an hour!!

2: Was this your first time playing?

1: YEAH!!!

2: m(_ _)m You are truly talented.
by <(o.0;)> October 17, 2008
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A smiley representing the "horns" salute, common amongst fans of metal music.
/me is listening to Metallica \m/-_-\m/
by KYR October 25, 2007
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A chocolate candy the melts not only in your mouth, but in your hands too.
I just took a handful of M&M's and now my hands are all sticky. How exciting!
by seth_cohen_fan January 15, 2006
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a term used in fanfiction to represent male/male pairings
Warning: yaoi m/m bondage PWP
by inu_luvver10 March 30, 2006
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looks like a rockerrrr
hey dude lets go to that gig on friday!
cool \m/ (-_-) \m/
by rockerrrdude March 4, 2009
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Someone who is over weight or fat and appears to be circular like a m&m chocolate candy.
Person 1: Ava is so fat
Person 2: Yeah, she’s a m&m
by B cef June 19, 2019
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