A two-sided die. They are not often found in stores.
DM: Ok, roll d2 for damage.
*After minutes of searching*
Stupid RPG Player: I can't find it!
DM: ... Flip a fucking coin.
by Pinkzeppelin0912 June 29, 2006
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Abbreviation for the Black Mage Spell "Warp II" in the MMORPG: Final Fantasy XI.
Man, I hate driving home from work in traffic! I wish I could just get a d2 to my home point.
by Cylo July 14, 2006
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Short for diciple number 2.
D2 belongs to the well know religion of Leonard.
Where Leonard is like God! More awesome than Chuck Norris!
random stranger: Chuck Norris is awesome
Anette: not as awesome as Leonard he even has D2 and D1!
Marie: Leonard is God!!
by Leonard follower August 11, 2010
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A saddo Buffy/other us tv show fanboy. Also an old geek who fancys ppl like Avril Lavigne and Dawn from Buffy, creepy...
omg that d2 dude got arrested for underaged liasons...
by ZaPpeh October 24, 2003
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