persons of lower quality or mediocrity
Those guys hired all the lunchmeat we just let go.
by Joe Bone March 11, 2005
What you feel like after a hrad night of partying.
Chris felt like a pound of lunchmeat after last night's party.
by sickness June 25, 2005
What one could call "over used" Female genitalia.
Or in somecases a Hobbit who has an irresistible urge to eat a Black Angus Heisman Trophy...
1.) Damn man, she's like lunchmeat.
2.) Quickly make that Black Angus Heisman Trophy, the Lunchmeat is hungry.
by Angus April 5, 2005
another name for a grundle, beanstalk, or in some rare cases a chode
that ho was sucking his lunchmeat
by Ben Dover January 8, 2004
a term of endearment.
can also be said in spanish (el carne de almuerzo).
"I love you my dear lunchmeat"
"as i do you"
by mrs_warhol June 29, 2004
a type of man (meat) that you would never try.
Amy: "Oh my god, check out these guys walking in here."
Brittany: "Eww those are nothing but a pack of lunchmeats girl."
by Brittany319 September 18, 2006
When a female performs the act of sitting (i.e. straddling) on a males mouth, nose, and/or general facial area. Men "teabag" women, usually on the forehead, but not contained only to that area, while women "lunchmeat" their male counterparts. In other words, if you opened a package of sliced lunchmeat and shoved your face into the side, you'd essentially be replicating this act.
DUDE!! Last night after I woke up your sister, teabagging her in her sleep, she totally woke me up this morning laying that lunchmeat on my face!! I ate that pussy like grade A roast beef! U mad bro?
by Bird76Mojo November 2, 2011