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The most insiduous influence on the young is not violence, drugs, tobacco, drink or sexual perversion, but our pursuit of the trivial and our tolerance of the third rate.
i dont think outside the square, in fact, i wasnt aware that there was a square, i just shutup and eat my media and dont want to think for myself.

take away mainstream media andperhaps people wouldnt succumb so unknowingly to a life of mediocrity
by common August 03, 2006
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1. That which you and I blissfully bask in.

2. A word pompous pseudo-intellectuals like to toss around in an effort to sound sophisticated.

See also: mediocracy
Cocksucker: Enjoy your life of mediocrity, conformist!

Dr. Cool: Likewise, hipster scum-sucking shit-for-brains.
by Peniso Penisuola February 16, 2009
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foster: *acts with mediocrity"

bro, stop being such a phy
by CESARSABITCH January 30, 2020
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me-di-oc-ri-ty (noun)

1. The quality or state of being mediocre
2. How to properly describe Notre Dame football for the past 10 years.
"Jesus Mike, how can you pull for Notre Dame? They are the Elvis of Mediocrity!"
by notredameblows September 03, 2009
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