a.) "Dude, did you see that new kid from Mexico? Felipe?"

"Yeah man, that kid is a friggin beanstalk for sure."

b.) "You wanna watch the highlights of the Mexican basketball team?"

"Sure. Are they all beanstalks or what?"

c.) "So I was watching The Longest Yard today ... that one dude was a total beanstalk."
by Jam Master Joke May 2, 2010
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Founded by the infamous Ryan Bean of C Town, Michigan. A "beanstalk" is a large amount of alcohol taken all at once. To a casual drinker a beanstalk could put you out for the night but for Ryan or anyone from C Town, a 2-3 beanstalks will get them drunk. Usually a normal glass (not a shot glass) is filled anywhere from 35%-100% full of 5 o clock vodka. If the liquer in the glass is not 5 o clock vodka then you are just drinking a shit load of liquer but no beanstalk was taken. In order to perform beanstalks properly, only 5 o clock vodka can be used. A normal beanstalk can get up to about 4-5 shots in one, but are heard to reach levels of 8-9 at one time.
Warning: Beanstalks are not for the sociol drinker, slam a bean stalk if your down to go to black out town.

by mc rb April 24, 2007
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A female, usually caucasian, who exclusively dates hispanic men.
Naah white boy, forget about her.. she's a total beanstalker.
by Jiffypop83 May 4, 2010
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It's the masturbation of an extremely large penis, such as that of a mythical giant.
I'm bored, what do you say we go beanstalking. I believe she was jackin' the beanstalk.
by Double UM August 23, 2011
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When a person is just being an annoying human being or doing something legendary.
P1: Do you know who Grace is?
P2: Yeah she's such a BEANSTALK
by Beanstalk noodle moo October 3, 2017
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