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To sexually penetrate a woman vaginally, orally and anally in the same night. Attributed to an (apocryphal) remark made by John F. Kennedy that "You truly haven't had a woman until you have had her in all three holes".
I can't believe she let me jfk her on a first date!
by Angus June 19, 2004
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A woman or man who knows all origins of male sperm, in all its glorious forms.
Damn, that bitch is old... I bet shes a JizzWizard!
by Angus October 09, 2004
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"Down in the cockpit
Man needs a woman to pull him right out of it"
XTC Down in the Cockpit
by Angus June 17, 2004
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In communities where small waste pipes in dwellings predominate, the Big Pipe is the public lavvy that will take any rectal punishment that can be thrown at it without fear of clogging up.
The bog at my place won't be able to handle my curry load tonight; I better get down to the Big Pipe before a queue forms.
by Angus June 19, 2004
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A superior being that smells of burnt salmon on occasion and Slim Jims most of the time.
Damn that person reminds me of a blart except this one smells like that "Old Person" Smell.
by Angus April 05, 2005
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boshkin, from the name of a very beatiful lady.

1. v, to fuck up something which was a certainty

2. n, Something which was a dead cert until blown out of the water, through no fault of your own, by extraneous circumstances.
1. "Man, I can't believed you boshkinned that hottie by getting your wanger out."

2. "That horse was a boshkin. Who would've thought with those odds that its arse would prolapse mid-race?"
by Angus April 15, 2005
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