74 definitions by Joe Bone

1. oversized diamond earrings

2. oversized female breasts, see hooters
1. "I got my wife new headlights for her birthday."

2. "I got my wife new headlights for her birthday."
by Joe Bone March 14, 2005
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an unattractive co-ed; a co-ed that resembles a pig.

not to be confused with cohog, see quahog, a type of mollusk
"Yo I would rather lose my left nut than have to look at one more co-hog."
by Joe Bone March 16, 2005
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An adept outdoor chef; typically a master of exemplary hamburgers and related fare, often in a tailgate setting.
Dude, yo is da Burgermeister!
by Joe Bone March 7, 2005
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a female newbie, as in "girl noob"
Overheard on Halo online: "What are you goobs about 13 years old? Beat it."
by Joe Bone March 9, 2005
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1. jack rabbit feces.

2. something plentiful and omnipresent, yet nonetheless worthless.

3. nothing, or nothingness
(see jack squat)
"This here jack shit ain't worth jack shit."

Incorrect: "He don't know jack shit."
Correct: "He knows jack shit."
by Joe Bone March 11, 2005
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A female devotee of Lily Pulitzer type apparel, often found at snooty upscale colleges, especially in the South.
"It sure was funny seeing that "pink and green" puking her brains out last night."
by Joe Bone March 7, 2005
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From the Spanish: Mucho jamon por dos huevos-- a fat girl.
She was too much ham for my two eggs.
by Joe Bone March 8, 2005
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