"Can I lumber you?" "I was lumbering this girl hard last night"
by Todd Bodine April 9, 2014
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To jack off really hard. So hard, in fact, you will be cumming til the morning.
guy 1: was that you lumbering last night?

guy 2: yes. so fucking hard to my cousin!

guy 1: wtf
by a real NlGGA August 10, 2017
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1. Noun: Timber that has been sawn into rough planks or other wise only partly prepared.

2. Verb: To move in a slow, heavy, awkward way.

3. Adjective: Having some kind of outdoor based rugged-ness, usually a finely trimmed beard. Used to describe a lumbersexual or mountain man. Only the manliest of all men are lumber.

4. Noun: Another word for erection or boner, derived from the word "wood".
Chris Hemsworth and George Clooney are the two most lumbersexual people I know, it isn't possible to be more lumber than those two.

You've got a lumber going on down there, you need to control yourself.
by Dr. Mountain July 1, 2015
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when you got "wood" or a boner
man she sat on his lap and when he stood up you could tell he had some lumber goin on
by bizzle April 3, 2004
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I'm going on my own to the dance but do you have a lumber like Jimmy
by Ashers September 5, 2003
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i had to call the lumberjack (dealer) to see if he had cut down any lumber today for me.
he picked up a few sticks for me since there aren't many abundant forests in the area.
by i'd have a drink with george w November 11, 2008
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No that was not a herd of elephants, it was a lumber of fat girls.
by jlynnwest October 14, 2010
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